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Comp Wins Go to Chad Voges and Ron Bohn at Sportsnationals and LODRS Races

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    Winning the Jeg's Sportsnationals on Sunday, July 19 was national-event victory No. 4 for Chad Voges in his K/AA that he drove to the Division 3 championship last year in Competition Eliminator. / Photo by Fred Noer
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    Ron Bohn drove his J/DA into the winner's circle for the first time at an NHRA when he won earned a Wally in Competition Eliminator at the Columbus Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event on Friday, July 17. / Photo by Fred Noer
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    Greg Kamplain qualified No. 1 at the Sportsnationals in his C/DA, but he fell short in the final against Chad Voges. / Photo by Fred Noer
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    Driving his 1934 Chevy B/SR, Mike Farrell had the better light in the LODRS final but did not have an elapsed time to match and was defeated by Ron Bohn. / Photo by Fred Noer

COMPETITION ELIMINATOR - Chad Voges and Ron Bohn showed why they finished first and third, respectively, in 2019 Division 3 Competition Eliminator racing when they won Wallys at the Jeg’s Speed Week at National Trail Raceway. Voges was the Sportsnationals winner on Sunday, and Bohn was the class of the competitors in the points race on Friday.

The win for Voges, 45, of St. Peters, Mo., is his fourth in national-event competition. His first was in Super Stock at St. Louis in 2005, and he won there in Comp the next year, followed by a Joliet Comp win in 2007. He has three LODRS victories.

In the final against Greg Kamplain in his 2014 Spitzer C/DA, Voges, driving his 2014 Neil & Parks 1932 Bantam K/AA, unleashed a 7.613 at 169.21 that was .567 under his 8.18 index. He had a .031 reaction time.

Kamplain fell short at the starting line at .068 and the finish line at 6.955 at 189.82, which was .535 under his 7.49 index. He qualified No. 1 in the 23-car field at 6.960, which was .600 under.

After a round-one bye, Kamplain cruised through the next two rounds against D3 racer Todd Frantz (whose Johns & Frantz team car was awarded Best Appearing Car) and Frank Affronti from Division 1 with CIC penalties. That changed in the semis against No. 3 qualifier David Billingsley in his 2014 Camaro I/AA.

Kamplain had to run .571 under at 6.986 at 189.26 to defeat Billingsley’s .566 under 8.084 at 164.73. His I/AA index is 8.65. Kamplain had the reaction-time edge at .025 to .034 and won by three feet.

A Late Light, But Opponent Was Even Later

Voges had a bye in the semis. He was vulnerable in the third round with a .080 light against Ronnie Proctor from Division 1 in a C/DA, but Proctor was .103 on the tree, negating his .01 advantage at the stripe.

After turning back an off-pace Steve Ambrose in round one, Voges faced Bohn in the second round and survived a close match decided by .011. Voges was .037 at the hit and ran a 7.676 at 162.57, putting him .504 under. Bohn launched with a .044 and ran .500 under his 8.33 J/DA index at 165.97.

Between Kamplain and Billingsley in qualifying was Ed Bennett III in his A/D at .549 under his 7.04 index. Affronti was fourth, followed by Bohn, Rick Brown, Frantz, Troy Galbraith, Terry Smith, and Jeremy Bailey in the top 10.

For more information about Voges, go to

Bohn, 61, of Benton Harbor, Mich., put his 2014 Spitzer second in qualifying for the points meet at 7.761. Affronti led the way, and Scott Chamness was in third. He was followed by Kamplain, Bennett, Mike Farrell, Galbraith, Proctor, Brown, and Smith. Twenty-six racers were in the show.

Bohn Clicks Off the Rounds With Key Reaction Times

Peter Pawlak lost to Bohn in round one, and in the second round Bohn coupled a .013 light with a .544 under pass at 7.786 at 164.33 to defeat Proctor, who was .089 off the line and .487 under at 7.113 at 188.20. After a third-round bye, Bohn took out Kamplain with a .023 bulb and a 7.744 at 166.52, which was .546 under. Kamplain’s .172 light meant a deep hole from which a .512 under fell far short in his climb out.

In the final Bohn faced Farrell, the No. 6 qualifier in his 1934 Chevy B/SR. He beat Frantz, Bob Bailey, Jeremy Bailey, and Bennett in the first four rounds. Farrell left first in the final and had a .023 light, but his car only ran .416 under at 7.964 at 163.69. That was a tenth less than Bohn, whose car turned a 7.733 at 166.35 on his 8.35 index. He needed the cushion after a .052 reaction time.

The win marked a first for Bohn at an NHRA division or national event. For details about his career, go to

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