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Jacob Elrod Narrowly Misses Indy Super Gas Win

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    Although Jacob Elrod reached the final round of the U.S. Nationals in his 2019 Corvette Super Gasser, he lost on a double breakout to Ray Sawyer. Elrod's 'vette is shown at the Indy Lucas Oil race in August. / Photo by Fred Noer
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    Alan Bush put his 2005 Cavalier in the semifinals against Jacob Elrod but lost on a .002 to .001 double breakout. Bush is shown at the Indy Lucas Oil race in August. / Photo by Fred Noer
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    The best showing by a Division 3 racer in Super Comp at the U.S. Nationals was Devin Isenhower, who advanced to the quarterfinals but lost to eventual runner-up Jerron Settles. Isenhower is shown at the Indy national open last October. / Photo by Fred Noer
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    Jacob Elrod

SUPER GAS and SUPER COMP – Just eight-thousandths of a second kept Division 3 racer Jacob Elrod from winning the U.S. Nationals in Super Gas on Sunday, Sept. 8 at Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis.

Facing Ray Sawyer of Division 1 in the seventh-round final, Elrod lost when he broke out more than Sawyer. After a .026 reaction time, Elrod’s 2019 Corvette roadster cranked out a 9.883 at 160.02 miles per hour. Sawyer, whose light was .020, took less stripe at 9.890 at 175.43 in his 2002 Camaro.

To make the final, Elrod, of Harrod, Ohio, was on the winning side of another double breakout in the semifinals against Alan Bush, also of D3. The contest was decided by .001 second when Bush went .002 under and Elrod .001 under.

Bush, running his 2005 Cavalier, had the better light at .014 and the higher speed at 171.64. Elrod, in his first season with his new Corvette from American Race Cars, cut a .028 light, and his ‘vette ran 162.59.

Yet another breakout decided the quarterfinals in Elrod’s favor. Tim Gillespie of D3 had to play catch-up after a .023 light put him in the hole against Elrod’s .007. Gillespie’s 1933 Ford roadster turned a 9.896 at 149.65, while Elrod’s Corvette went 9.914 at 168.11.

Another Breakout Goes Elrod’s Way in the Fourth Round

Steve Williams of D7 also broke out against Elrod in round four by the slimmest margin – .001 second. Elrod had the lead off the line with .015 light to Williams’ .022.

In round three, Elrod had a .016 package – .002 light and .014 over – to put away Austin Williams, who had a competitive light at .009. But, his .044 over was far off.

After defeated Charlie Stewart in the first round, Elrod had a .018 package in round two against Rich Pica of D3 in his 1984 Corvette. He was quicker off the line than Elrod by .011 to .013, but Pica’s 9.914 at 154.75 was outdone by Elrod’s 9.905 at 164.27.

A total of 120 racers competed in the first round. Leading them with the best ET was Luke Bogacki in his new 2020 Corvette roadster with a perfect run. Connor Millwood of D3 in his 1983 Challenger was .006 back in second, and Bob Locke put his D3 1957 Corvette in third with a 9.911.

Devin Isenhower Wins Five Rounds in Super Comp to Lead D3

In Super Comp, eight rounds were run to determine the winner and runner-up, but Division 3 racers were scarce in the late rounds. Devin Isenhower was the only North Central competitor to reach quarterfinal round six.

Isenhower faced eventual runner-up Jerron Settles of Division 1, who had a better .006 light compared to Isenhower’s .028. Settles’ dragster turned an 8.906 at 176.37 that was behind Isenhower’s 8.901 at 171.12, but the difference was at the starting line.

Of the 80 racers who won the first round, Ryan Wallace of D3 in his American dragster had the leading ET at 8.901. Rose Richardson, another D3 racer, was third at 8.907.